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FreeStyle InsuLinx

Request a Free FreeStyle InsuLinx Meter Designed for ease of use Touch Screen Automatically calculate your insulin dose Automatic logbook Built-in FreeStyle Auto-Assist software
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FreeStyle InsuLinx

Test your blood glucose with FreeStyle InsuLinx then, using your reading along with information specific to your personal situation, the system will calculate an insulin dosing suggestion for you.

FreeStyle InsuLinx works with you for a little more...

The innovative touchscreen aims to make it easy to test and calculate** an insulin dose. It records your blood glucose reading automatically and gives the option to log insulin taken and what you’ve eaten – replacing your paper logbook.

When you know something is right, you gain confidence, and that’s what you get from FreeStyle InsuLinx. You can decide whether you need to adjust the dose to fit in with your day.

The system also includes in-built FreeStyle Auto-Assist software so you can download your logged readings and other information to review on your PC or share with your diabetes specialist nurse.

**Please note the insulin calculator feature of FreeStyle InsuLinx is enabled at the discretion of your diabetes specialist nurse. You can use all other features of the meter immediately.

*Data on file, Abbott Diabetes Care, 2012. The FreeStyle InsuLinx calculator feature is only for use to calculate rapid-acting insulin dosing. It is NOT for use to calculate long-acting (background) insulin dosing. This feature requires an understanding of the use of insulin and patients need advice from a healthcare professional before use. The information provided is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice. Only health care professionals can set up and change the insulin calculator setting.

Available to UK residents only

† Free for insulin users only

FreeStyle InsuLinx Plus X Award

With all this on offer, it's no wonder that FreeStyle InsuLinx won the 2012 Plus X award for ease of use and innovation

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